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We specialise in arranging visas, group tours and bespoke trips for British travellers wishing to explore Iran.

We are a small team of Iran travel experts, and our unique approach combines 20 years of experience, extensive knowledge of Iran and a personal touch to help our clients get the very best from their trip.

Iran is one of the few places left which has not been profaned by mass market tourism, and attracts adventurers and open-minded individuals. Our carefully planned tours and excellent guides will ensure you will have an authentic experience of this ancient, multifaceted country.

We are licensed with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) for your financial protection.

Our services include

  • Escorted tours for small groups
  • Bespoke trips for families and private parties
  • Arranging visas for Iran
  • A full service for business travellers, including introductions and on-ground support
  • Obtaining press visas and acting as fixers within Iran

We welcome you to look around our website, and hope it will be the first step towards a unique and exciting journey.


  • – Iran is one of the safest and friendliest countries to visit, despite what the Western  media might reflect at times
  • – The dress code will need to be observed.
  • – Iran is a large country so be prepared for long travel days in between sights and cities.
  • – Please do read our travel advice and FAQ’s for more information here.
  • – ‘Touch & feel’ the authentic Iran, through the help of our knowledgeable & friendly guides
  • – Experience the warm hospitality of the Persian people
  • – ‘Good for the soul’ Persian cuisine, with lots of variety introduced by local specialities across Iran. The food is decidedly healthy, with enough variety even as a vegetarian
  • – Enjoy the sense of being in wide open spaces in the Iranian country side
  • – Emerge yourself in a most vibrant and unique culture

Please enjoy this video montage of our recent trips.

Iran group tours 2018


Iran The Essence | 9 days

No trip to Iran is ever long enough but if you have time or budget restrictions then this tour allows ...
Tour details

The Silk Road Tour | 15 days – £2845

This is an exciting new tour, offering an authentic trip around the timeless sights of the Silk Road. We can’t ...
Tour details

Magic of Persia | 15 days – £3450

This itinerary builds on the main highlights of Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz and Persepolis, whilst offering the opportunity to appreciate the ...
Tour details

Iran tailor made tours 2018

magic-carpet-iran tours
If you have more than a passing interest in the art of Persian tapestry then this tour is for you ...
Tour details
This tour is designed for Zoroastrians and those with a specific interest in the Zoroastrian faith. As well as visiting ...
Tour details
Horse Riding in Iran | 7 days
This seven day trip provides the unique opportunity to visit an area largely untouched by twenty first century, riding through ...
Tour details
rose-harvest iran
Spring is a spectacular time to visit Iran and this tour, run in May each year, is ideal for those ...
Tour details
This 20 day itinerary provides the opportunity to take in the highlights of Iran but minimize unnecessarily long rides. You ...
Tour details
Either as a one-off trip or as an add on to an existing itinerary Iran isn’t the first place that comes ...
Tour details
This tour highlights the religious sites of the faiths that have co-existed over the centuries in Persia. Firstly there was ...
Tour details
This tour visits the main highlights of Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz, Persepolis, Yazd and Kashan but also allows you a chance ...
Tour details
This tour covers the main highlights of Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz and Persepolis, then moving on to north-eastern Iran to see ...
Tour details

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2018 | W G

The tour was excellently varied with a wide spectrum of experiences. Highlights include Persepolis, Isfahan and Shiraz ...
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2018 | EMP

Iran's amazing, and its amazingness is so varied. We sort of knew there would be lots of history because of ...
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2018 | H G

Our guide used his local contacts to take us to locations that were not on tour itinerary, for example in ...
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Zohreh Majidian

As a native Iranian who has lived much of my life in the UK, I feel passionately that there is

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Iran travel FAQ and advice

The Iranian people are naturally kind, hospitable and generous. Despite any preconceptions built up by the Western media, Iran is a very safe country to visit.

Tourism is a well-accepted and welcome industry in Iran and, provided you stick to the local customs and show respect when visiting holy places, you will never be made to feel unwelcome.

Although more and more travelers are visiting Iran each year, foreigners are still a novelty: you’ll find that the Iranians are surprisingly interested in you. No cause for alarm – it’s only because they genuinely want to talk to you, or practice their English on you.

As long as you have an open mind and a willingness to be flexible, we are sure you will have a wonderful time!

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Iranian Visa

Visa on arrival, is still not possible for UK passport holders, even if they already have the visa permit. The visa needs to be stamped in their passport before they arrive at the Iranian border.

European Union passport holders can get up to 30 days visa on arrival. Other nationalities such as New Zealand & Australian passport holders also qualify. For other nationals, please check directly with Iranian Consulate.

You will need to present two standard passport photos (Ladies with a headscarf), worldwide travel insurance policy document and the visa stamp fees in cash, which will vary according to nationality, for example around £80 for a EU passport.

Iran visa information 2018

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Iran visa FAQ