About us

In spite of some media coverage to the contrary, Iranians are a welcoming people who, through curiosity and genuine hospitality, love to meet visitors. Iran itself, beautiful and diverse, has been opening up to the West and over recent years has become a more seriously considered tourist option. Yet, in this vast country that culturally and historically has so much to offer, tourism has still barely scratched the surface.

As a native Iranian who has lived much of my life in the UK, I felt passionately that there was much amiss with Iran’s image in the West. Some of this negative image was justified at the time, but there has also been plenty of unnecessary media-fed misunderstanding on both sides.

I’ve seen this at first hand because much of my (extensive) family is still in Iran, and over the years I have been travelling backwards and forwards between the two countries; between two completely different cultures. And I’ve always been surprised – and gratified – to see how much interest there is on each side about the other. I made it my mission to try and open up my native country to foreign travellers and established Magic Carpet Travel in 1994.

At Magic Carpet Travel we offer a variety of services. We run fully escorted tours for those wishing to travel as part of a small group with a tour guide. We keep our groups cosy – no more than 15 people – and our English-speaking tour guides are all very experienced, knowledgeable and entertaining!

We also tailor-make trips for those wishing to travel independently. We can put together any programme you like whether it be similar to one of our set itineraries or something we design just for you.

With tourism still in its infancy I have always felt it important to offer individual guidance to people visiting Iran. As a result Magic Carpet Travel’s key point of difference is that we spend a lot of time tailor-making each trip to suit the traveller(s) in question. If you have a special interest or reason for travel then please let us know and we will design your own, individual itinerary.

In the end only you can decide exactly what you want to include in your trip and that’s where Magic Carpet Travel can really help you. We are at the end of the phone to help you design your trip, to arrange your visas – to make sure things run smoothly. We can offer you as much – or as little – help as you want.

I do hope that you’ll let our experience help you make the right decisions.


Zohreh Majidian
Managing Director