About us

At Magic Carpet Travel we run a selection of fully escorted tours to Iran for those wishing to travel as part of a small group (around twelve in each  group) with our English-speaking tour guides, chosen for their experience and knowledge.

We pride ourselves in our experience and in-depth knowledge, hence the ability to design tours to suit your specific requirements, as an alternative.

It  is important to us  to offer individual guidance to those visiting Iran.  Thus Magic Carpet Travel’s key point of difference is that we dedicate much  of our time and attention,   to help  plan a trip to  suit your individual  requirements.

We are at the end of the phone to help you plan your trip and  to make sure things run smoothly. We can offer you as much – or as little – help as you wish for.

I do hope that you’ll let our experience help you make the right decisions.

Please call  us on 01344 622 832 to  discuss your travel plans.

Zohreh  Majidian

zohreh majidian
Zohreh Majidian


Loretta is  a keen  Iran  enthusiast and has traveled extensively in Iran.  She  fluent in Arabic and Persian after graduating from the University of Cambridge with a degree in Arabic and Persian languages. She has lived and worked in Jordan, Iran and Dubai for several years.

Loretta Rice


Camilla Smith is our  eagle eyed, friendly,  efficient  and thoughtful  powerhouse  in the office, ready  to answer all  travel  queries  and to  deal  with the smooth  running of our tours and the extensive administration (visa process) involved when travelling to  Iran.  She is a keen traveller and is fascinated by Iran and its culture.

Camilla Smith
Camilla Smith