Horse Riding in Iran | 7 days

Southern Province of Khuzestan

This seven day trip provides the unique opportunity to visit an area largely untouched by twenty first century, riding through remote areas and small village settlements, still without electricity or road access.

Persian horses have a good temperament, together with great stamina. They are sure footed and extremely intelligent.

The riding route is varied, through rugged foothills parallel to the Zagros Mountains, with steep uphill & downhill tracks, through deep gorges, crossing the winding river of Rood Shoor (or Salty River) which flows into Karoon, one of the most important rivers in Iran. This area is the “winter quarters” of the Bakhtiari Nomads, who reside around Isfahan province in Central Iran for the rest of the year.

You will have the opportunity to experience a boat ride on the Karron river near the city of Shushtar, which is certainly worth a visit as one of the oldest cities in Iran where peoples first settled ten thousand years ago.

Proposed Itinerary

  • Day 1 Arrival in Ahvaz on Emirates from Dubai or Turkish Airline from Istanbul
  • Day 2 Ride from Sushtar to Aghili 5 to 6 hours ride and stay in Aghili at a village house
  • Day 3 Ride back to Shushtar, and in the afternoon sightseeing in Shushtar. Visit the water falls and have dinner in a traditional Persian restaurant.
  • Day 4 Ride to Zard Kooh and stay the night in a village house.
  • Day 5 Ride back to Shushtar via a different route. In the evening traditional Persian live music
  • Day 6 Visit the ancient city of Susa and Choghazanbill temple all the day with picnic lunch.
  • Day 7 Visit in the old bazaar in Shushtar and further sightseeing
  • Day 8 Fly home from Ahvaz


Prices based on minimum 4 riders £320 per person per night

The price includes:

  • Obtaining the visa permit (excludes visa stamp fees which varies depending on your nationality)
  • Transfers to and from the airport and all local transport
  • Accommodation (simple on the ride)
  • Meals (three per day: breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • Use of horses and saddles – expert guides and all the help required with horses.
  • Fully equipped car.
  • You will be required to provide a sleeping bag.

Tour Details

  • We can accommodate up to 6 riders.
  • The ride demands the skills of a physically fit and experienced rider with maximum body weight of 85kg.
  • The Persian Arabs horses are experienced and trained for trail rides and long distance rides.
  • The pace will be adjusted to the terrains, however you can expect to ride 4-8 hours per day.
  • We can organise a ride to suit your preferred dates, weather and seasonal conditions permitting.
  • We can combine the ride with visits to other major cities of interest in Iran such as Isfahan and Shiraz.

Horse riding in iran

Horse riding in iran

Horse riding in iran

Horse riding in iran