Iran Visa Information

It is only possible  to obtain visas for  UK passport holders, if you  book a tour & are escorted  by an ‘official guide’ at all times – thus required to join a group or a private tour,  with the itinerary predetermined, pre-booked and prepaid. 

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European  Union passport holders can get up  to  30  days visa on arrival. Other nationalities such  as New Zealand & Australian passport holders also  qualify.  For other nationals,  please check directly with Iranian  Consulate.

You  will  need to  present two standard passport photos (Ladies with  a headscarf), worldwide travel  insurance policy document and the visa stamp fees in cash, which  will  vary according to  nationality,  for example around £60 for an EU passport.

Visa on arrival, is not possible for UK passport holders,  even if they already have the visa permit.  The visa needs to be stamped in their passport before they  arrive at the Iranian  border.

Visa regulations for UK passport holders

  1. If you are a British man married to an Iranian woman, and able to provide a marriage certificate, then we can obtain a visa as per below.
  2. If you are a British woman, married to an Iranian man, you can only travel on an Iranian passport and we are not able to assist.
  3. If your father is Iranian, you  are considered an Iranian citizen by the Iranian government, even if you have never been to Iran or lived there in the past. In this case, you can only travel to Iran on an Iranian passport.
  4. If your mother is Iranian,  but your father is any other nationality, you are not considered an Iranian national and you can travel to Iran on a non-Iranian, for example a British passport.
  5. If you have Israeli or USA visa stamp in your passport, contrary to popular  belief, this will not jeopardize your application for an Iranian visa

USA visa waiver program

The American State Department’s current regulations relating  to Iran, require that any individual who has visited Iran in the last three years, can no longer qualify for the USA ’visa waiver’ program.

Such individuals will now have to apply for  a visa, at their local American  Embassy. They will usually be interviewed by the resident U.S. immigration officer,  so they can decide if the applicant is acceptable, so they can obtain  a visa for the USA. If a decision is made to grant  the visa, it is likely to be a ten  year multiple entry visa.


Provided you qualify to  apply for a  visa,  currently it takes around four  weeks to obtain the visa permit, and a further two weeks to get the visa stamped into your passport. For full details please scroll down.


To obtain the ‘tourist’ visa permit only, the cost is £145  per passport. In this case you have to collect the visa stamp yourself, at which point you will have to pay the visa stamp fees to the Iranian Consulate depending on your nationality. For example a UK passport holder would pay a further £170 visa stamp fees.

1. Iran Tourist Visa

  • We are pleased to offer a visa service to obtain a single entry tourist visa for Iran. We are unable to obtain transit or multiple entry visas. The visa allows you to stay in Iran for up to 30 days, although the duration of your Iran visa is at the discretion of the Iranian Foreign Ministry. At times they may only grant a 12-day visa, even if we ask for 30 days, for which we cannot be held responsible. However, you can easily get a visa extension once you arrive in Iran, at no extra cost, by going to any police station or the Aliens Office in Tehran.
  • The visa process is in two distinct parts. First you have to obtain the visa permit, which can only be issued by the Foreign Ministry in Iran. We charge £145 to obtain the visa permit through our office in Tehran, who will apply to the Iranian Foreign Ministry and obtain the permit on your behalf. This process can take around two weeks from the time we receive your application.
  • Our Iran visa service fees exclude the visa stamp fees charged by the Iranian Consulate. The Visa Stamp fees vary according to your nationality and are currently around £170 for British passport holders for tourist visas and £220 for business visas. For most other European passports, the visa stamp fee is currently around £80. Please contact the Iranian Consulate directly for the exact fee.
  • Once your visa permit has been issued, we will email it to you together with instructions how to get the visa stamped into your passport. You will then need to take the visa reference number to the Iranian Consulate specified in your application together with your passport, photos, completed Visa Application form and visa stamp fees in cash only, in order to have the visa stamped in. This can take anything from two days to two weeks, depending on whether you attend in person or send someone else on your behalf, on public holidays, or on the particular consulate you attend, as they have different response times depending on how busy or how large they are. Full details for each part of the process can be found below.

2. Visa Stamp fees

The Iranian Consulate charge British passport holders around £170 for a tourist visa stamp and £80 for an EU passport holder. Fees vary for other nationalities – please contact the Consulate directly to find out the precise amount. Payment must be in cash only.

3. Visa application requirements

In order for us to process your tourist visa application, we require:

  • Completed Iran Visa Inquiry form submitted  online.
  • Scanned copy of the main page of your passport (page with the photo) –  this should be scanned in colour, on a flatbed scan,  so that  both pages are clear, and all  its four corners can  be seen  clearly,  including  the information on  the pages. File size should  be below 500 Kb.
  • Visa service fee of £145, payable at the time of application.
  • Scan (file size less than 200 Kb) of your  ‘standard size’  passport photo, with  a white background (ladies with  a headscarf).
  • Name,  address and phone number of your Iranian Host  –  unless you are part of  a tour group, in which  case this is not required.

You only need to send us your passport if we are arranging for the visa to be stamped into your passport. Otherwise the scan is sufficient.

In the unlikely event your visa application is rejected, we will retain £60 of the fees in order to cover our administration  costs.

4. Assistance with getting a visa stamped into your passport

    • We are  able to  offer assistance with getting the visa stamped into your passport. Whether you have obtained your visa permit through us, or a different source.
    • If you wish to use our service, you need to send us your documents and we will get the visa stamped in on your behalf. This process can take up to two weeks, depending on the efficiency of the Iranian Consulate staff at the time of application.
  • We also offer an  Express service, in  case you wish to have the visa stamped in anything from  the next working day, to  5 working days. The exact cost will depend on how rapidly you need the visa stamped in and where you live. Please contact us for further details.

5. Procedure for collecting the visa stamp by yourself

Once your visa permit is issued, you will need to visit the Iranian Consulate in order to have the visa stamped in. You have to do this in person if you are a British passport holder (as finger prints are required). Most other nationalities can send someone else on their behalf to collect the visa stamp.

6. Passport requirements

    • Your passport must be valid for at least six months at the end of your trip to Iran.
  • Please check you have at least two blank pages in your passport, facing each other. This is for the entry and exit stamps at immigration check point in Iran.

7. Visa periods of validity

You have one month to collect the Iran visa stamp, from the time the visa permit is issued. From the date your passport is stamped with the visa, you have three months to enter Iran.

8. Iranian New Year March 21st and visa disruptions

The Foreign Ministry in Iran do not process visa applications for one month, from around March 5 – April 5th each year. Please ensure your application is lodged outside this period.