Reading List

Travel guide books on Iran

  • Lonley Planet
  • Bradt guide author

Further Reading

  • Maria O’Shea Culture Shock – Iran: a Guide to Customs & Etiquette
  • J Boyle Persia: History and Heritage
    An overview of Iranian history, carpets, literature, painting, architecture and pottery

    Religion, history and literature

  • Mary Boyce Zoroastrians, Their Religious Beliefs & Practices
  • Malise Ruthven Islam in the World – Discusses Islam in the modern world
  • N Keddie Iran: Religion, Politics & Society
  • John Simpson Behind Iranian Lines – An account of life after the Islamic Revolution
  • John Simpson & Tira Shubart Lifting the veil – Explores post-revolutionary Iran

Travellers’ Accounts

  • Isabella L. Bird Journeys in Persia & Kurdistan
  • Sir John (Jean) Chardin Travels in Persia
  • Robert Byron The Road to Oxiana – A diary of a slow passage from England Afghanistan including lengthy jaunts through Iran.
  • Danziger’s Travels Beyond Foreign Frontiers – Nick Danziger’s account of his travels from Turkey to Hong Kong (including Iran).
  • Freya Stark Beyond Euphrates and Valleys of the Assasins


  • John Curtis Ancient Iran – An introduction to pre-Islamic archaeology in Iran
  • D T Potts The Archaeology of Elam – Examines Elamite region & civilisation up to 4th century CE
  • Time-Life’s Publication The Persians: Masters of Empire

Islamic Art and Architecture

  • Barbara Brend Islamic Art
  • R W Ferrier Arts of Persia
  • Robert Hillenbrand Islamic Architecture: Form and function


  • Hans E Wulff Traditional Crafts of Persia – Traces the history and technology of the major crafts including agricultural implements and building skills, as well as ceramics and bread making.
  • A C Edwards The Persian Carpet
  • Patricia L. Baker Islamic Textiles
  • A Hull and N Barnard Persian Kilims


  • Sattareh F Farmaran Daughter of Persia
  • Terence O’Donnell Garden of the Brave in War