2016 | Philip Johnston

We had an excellent trip to Iran with Magic Carpet Travel.

We really enjoyed the trip after the Turkish coup-delayed start. That was a bit of a pity, not just the stress and that we missed Tabriz but that as a result our first three days were pretty much full on driving. The Zanjan, Alamut, Qazvin trip is probably too much to do in a day, especially after two full days driving beforehand.

Mr Sassan is an amazing individual; so funny, so courteous and so well informed about every conceivable subject; it was one of the most educational holidays that I have ever been on; we feel very privileged to have been guided by him.

A unique individual. Our driver, Hassan was very careful and kind and attentive to our every need. I was amazed that it was their first tour together; they worked so well together.

Highlights: Everybody’s very warm welcome to a UK tourist family; Soltaniyeh; storytelling evening in the Tehran restaurant (great people watching); a fantastic lunch in a crammed first floor Tehran restaurant next to the bazaar (after some legendary queue jumping by Mr Sassan); wonderful roadside picnics; Isfahan in general; Fin Garden; Persepolis; Shiraz. Amanda must have 1000 pictures of ceramics/mosaics; all so beautiful.

Negatives: Few and far between; some of the hotels were pretty functional; there must be better options in Kashan. Ditto Yazd Moshir hotel.

We had a great trip thank you. Everyone has been so interested in our experience so hopefully more will follow in our footsteps; they certainly should. It is a wonderful country, with such kind, welcoming people.

Thank you again.

Best wishes,

Philip Johnston