2017 | June S.

I have to thank you for making our two week visit to Iran so special. For me what started out as a visit turned into an amazing voyage of discovery. It was a unique and unforgettable journey … For me it was far more than just a cultural and educational experience.

The images(mountains, deserts, mosques, churches, tombs, cities , palaces, bazaars and of course the friendly people),  sounds (music, traffic…..) wonderful tastes (all the different delicious hot flat breads, yogurts, olives with walnuts, crisp young cucumbers, let me not forget the dates, dried apricots and almonds) and aromas (fresh bread, rosebuds, spices, the best coffee in Isfahan …….).

The openness and friendliness of the Iranian people we met on the streets all the time welcoming us to their country and using whatever English they had to communicate. Also I have some amazing photos of beautiful smiling children, babies and ladies (not too many of men.)

I thoroughly enjoyed the authentic Iranian food whenever we had it (I would have liked it more often) I also Loved the relaxed Picnics as they added another dimension, and as I already mentioned the wonderful breads.. Tea in the bazaar was great…