2018 | RC

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We have safely returned and after almost exactly three months have achieved – at least on one level – the aim of getting the car back to England.
Although we weren’t able to drive the car the whole way – sea crossings apart! – we did have the benefit of and enjoyed different experiences which we wouldn’t have had if all had gone to plan, though that is the nature of such a trip.

That said the tour through Iran was essential to our route and I wouldn’t have missed it. There were some amazing places to visit and see – not least for me being Persepolis – with much more to see and experience if we had had time. However, both of us also much enjoyed speaking to different people – including as you may also have gathered from Hossein my brief interview with the local state TV in Isfahan!? – much of which was facilitated by Hossein. Indeed having to be driven round by Hossein also gave the opportunity for some interesting discussions both about Iran and in the context of world politics!

Having said all of this we are very grateful to you and Hossein for enabling and facilitating the trip and dovetailing that to the constraints which we imposed upon you. As we both know Iran has an amazing history and much to offer if only politics didn’t get in the way.