2019 | N M-F | Iran Tour

‘’We had a great time. Thanks so much for organising us so well. If anyone wants to go to Iran they should definitely go to you to organise their trip.

We had the most wonderful welcome from the Iranian people. They were delightful and open and seemed very happy with their lot though occasionally the veil slipped. I had the strong opinion that the Iranians want to be connected with the outside world and feel somewhat starved of it.

Our guides were great. Sassan looked after us enthusiastically and brilliantly. We always felt safe. He is obviously is the Grandfather of the Iranian Guiding association and literally knew at least two or three people wherever we went. This experience was just what we wanted.

Zohreh, thanks to you, we had a wonderful and fascinating holiday. We knew it was not going to be a luxury affair but we were always comfortable and safe. We had some great meals and some less than great meals. We had a lot of laughs and that was without any booze!