M/B Y | Iran Tour

We loved Iran. Fantastic people, brilliant guide & driver, amazing sites, museums & architecture.

Iran Air very, very good, & we absolutely fell in love with the Fotowat Miniaturist in Isfahan. Travelling with Professor Sassan was like being with a “rock star” ! Other travel guides in awe of him.

Shiraz was our favourite city with a superb hotel on top.

If we had to choose just ONE highlight it would have to be the people. The Vank Cathedral complex , where we spent hours , was another, not to be missed , experience.

Thank you for organising such a marvellous trip, very safe & other places , not on the itinerary, a bonus from Sassan. He was also very accommodating with our desires to stay longer at certain sites ! We are sure we drove him mad at times!

Iran Tour
Golsetan Palace
Iran Tour
Koohpayeh Restaurant