I & M | Iran Tour

” For both of us our trip to Iran was a rollercoaster of emotions and a lifetime experience.

Iran made us think deeply about life’s values and how important it is that one gains a greater understanding of the significance that other cultures add to our world and how dangerous lacking respect and tolerance of other countries’ cultures and customs can be. How misled we can be by the media and how misinformed we really are as to the true nature of the Middle East.

Iran is a large, diverse country with wonderful people and a rich culture. We were struck by the friendliness, warmth, generosity and curiosity of the locals wherever we went in Iran.

Scrap your ideas of black manteaux, black hijabs and restrictive clothing. Think fashion, elegant loose fitting dress coats in light, colourful fabrics. Brightly coloured hijabs. Fashionable jeans, leggings and yes, three quarter length sleeves!

Forget dictatorial Muslim clerics. We chatted freely with at least three Mullahs and we left each one with a feeling of having gained knowledge and also shared knowledge and mutual understanding.

The arrangements made by Magic Carpet Travel were indeed magic. Everything was seamless from our visa applications to eventual arrival in Iran. The quality of our guides was exceptional. Their knowledge and enthusiasm for their country quickly transferred to us. Nothing was too much trouble for them and we were spoiled throughout.

There was also a range of extra visits and experiences that they added into our itinerary, making our trip unique.

Accommodation was the best one could wish for, with glorious settings and venues.

The food was excellent and with the help of our wonderful guides we experienced delicious traditional dishes and even left with a personally signed Iranian cookbook from the author.

I & M’’

Iran Tour May 2019