Iran Tour | EMP

Iran’s amazing, and its amazingness is so varied. We sort of knew there would be lots of history because of the Silk Road, but hadn’t really appreciated how far back the civilisations stretched. It is so big of course, and the landscape so “other”, with those dramatic mountains forever rising from the dusty desert plains.

What a place for dreaming of all that was and all that might have been. I’d had no idea the Achaemenids such as Cyrus and Darius, not to mention Xerxes were so forward-thinking and respectful of both other nations and also those at the lower reaches of society.

The itinerary was well thought through – ending on a high in beautiful relaxed Shiraz so close to the high-impact Persepolis.

It was great to have an itinerary that wasn’t set in stone so that we could go off piste – like going to Qom for experiencing the fervour of the pilgrims at the Tomb of Fatima.

Our guide was assiduous in looking after us. He worked really hard to make sure we got the maximum out of our time in Iran, and took his work very seriously, while having at the same time a lovely sense of humour.

Our hotels were mostly excellent and the transport was very good with very confidence-inspiring drivers.

Food was Delicious!! The best was however the home-made rather than hotel buffet food.