Women’s fashion in Iran

This article will address some of the questions that many British women ask us before they travel to Iran. What should I wear?! Do I have to wear a hijab?

And yes, while it is true that all women are required to wear a hijab in Iran (it is the Islamic Republic after all!), Iranian women are incredibly fashionable; Iran’s glamorous fashionistas are more than capable of giving their British counterparts a run for their money!

And the great thing about it is that you don’t have to alter your dress too much from what you would wear in Britain. Where you would wear jeans and a t-shirt in England, in Iran you would wear jeans, a t-shirt and a thin, loose fitting robe, (called a monteau) over the top.

The important thing is just to cover your shape from chest to thighs with the robe, but you can still wear your regular clothes underneath.

As for the hijab, a scarf loosely wrapped over your head is perfectly acceptable these days. Women wear it in a variety of ways, many leave locks of hair styled around their face, others might keep their hair more hidden. It really is personal preference, and should your hijab fall down when you are out and about, you might be politely reminded by a considerate stranger or the religious police to put it back on again.

Some websites recommend loose fitting trousers, and baggy tops, but if you really want to do Iran like an Iranian, it’s imperative that you buy a few of these monteau’s, before you go, that you can throw on over your normal clothes, and you’re good to go.

There is no limit to the colours you can wear; mix and match, wear stripes and patterns, experiment with fabrics – Iran is full of chique, hip women pushing the limits of fashion within an Islamic context.

Though it is important to remain respectful and observant, especially if you are entering a more religious area or a mosque, it would be considered polite to wear your hijab in a more conservative style, and close your monteau with a wrap.

Leave some room in your suitcase, especially if you are going to spend some time in Tehran. The fashionable women on the streets will inspire you, and the city is full of fashionable new retail shops selling a variety of brands.

If you pick up some nice pieces, you will be able to return to Britain showing off your newfound Iranian glamour in flowing robes and stylish outfit combinations.

Again, if you need any advice on this subject, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01344 622832 for a free fashion consultation (or to book your next trip to Iran 😛 )